Welcome to IndiaExcite IT Solutions Private Limited

Since our inception in 2002, IndiaExcite has been at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in AI Bots, web applications, and hybrid app development. With over two decades of rich experience, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality service in every dimension of our work. At IndiaExcite, we believe in standing at the coalface of modern innovation, transforming bold ideas into reality.


Our Journey

Our journey began with a focus on web-related services, evolving rapidly to embrace the dynamic world of technology. Today, we offer a wide array of services, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), eCommerce solutions, AI Bot integration, web portals, and sophisticated hybrid app solutions. Our history is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to staying ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission: simple yet profound. We embody and convey ideals through our work, transcending mere solutions. We're not just delivering; we're making bold statements. Each project is a canvas, showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence. We believe in the transformative power of technology, and every endeavor reflects this ethos. Our commitment is to innovation, quality, and making a meaningful impact in every task we undertake.

What Sets Us Apart

At IndiaExcite, we leverage the latest technological advancements to create value-added applications. Our web applications and websites are built on Smart Responsive Architecture, ensuring seamless performance on any device. This approach, combined with our expertise in readily available web hosting technology, sets us apart in a crowded market.

Who We Serve

Our expertise caters to a diverse and dynamic range of clients. We provide advanced solutions for educational institutions, including voice-enabled AI faculties capable of working around the clock. This innovative approach brings a new dimension to educational experiences, offering students interactive and accessible learning opportunities at any time.

For academies such as the IAS Training Academy and NEET training institutes, we offer sophisticated Learning Management Systems (LMS) tailored to their unique needs.

Online store owners benefit from our voice-enabled AI Bots designed to enhance sales conversion and customer engagement. These AI Bots represent the pinnacle of our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into practical, user-friendly solutions.

At IndiaExcite, we are dedicated to serving a wide array of sectors, constantly expanding our horizons to meet and exceed the evolving demands of our clients. Whether it’s revolutionizing the way students learn or transforming how businesses interact with their customers, our goal is to empower our clients through innovative technology.


Our Promise

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, we promise to be your steadfast partner, navigating the complexities of digital innovation together. At IndiaExcite IT Solutions Private Limited, your vision is our mission.

Subscription Management System

Membership / Subscription Management System

Membership / Subscription Management System allows creating and selling subscription plans.

Let members subscribe for these plans and later when requirement arises, give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages, etc.,) on your content portal. Read More...

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