Community Management System

Traders Joint Community Network

Social networking component for the proposed CLASSIFIEDS Portal

Turns the Portal into fully fledged social networking hub

Provides user profile management, Facebook integration, photo and video sharing, privacy control, groups, events etc.

This component creates your own Facebook-like or twitter-like social network, out of your Traders Joint Users and it's all on your terms, directly on your Application Portal, under your complete control.

Profile Types feature, which lets people be assigned to different groups, like Sellers, buyers, Trading Agencies, etc. Also, take advantage of the location service, which lets the users share their location and lets the user to search for other social network members within a certain radius from the user's location.
Activities in Wall
  • ◈ When a user does the registration process, a new activity is added to his profile.
  • ◈ When a new Advisement entry is added in CLASSIFIEDS, a new activity informs of it in Community Wall.
  • ◈ Enable or Disable to post the Classifieds post in the Community Stream.
Activity Stream
Share Box
Profile Apps
Admin Interface
Added Features
Social Targeting - ADVT Streaming System
Google Ads streaming in your CLASSIFIEDS - ADSENSE
Sponsorship Reward

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