Our Skills

Ionic Framework90%
HTML5 85%

Who we are?

User and business form the classic duality of design.
As reflective design is about meaning and message, we will never fear making statements.
We are well accustomed to solving for the needs of both, making compromises and tradeoffs where appropriate
We will stand for something and convey ideals through our work: both ours and yours.

We are lucky enough to work on the coalface of the most exciting innovation of modern times.
We are on the brink of wonderful things. So yes, we have underachieved,
But given the evolution of beauty and the tools now available to us,
We are passionate to achieve excellence.

We are one among the generation to turn the promise into action.

Our Products

Membership / Subscription Management System

Membership / Subscription Management System allows creating and selling subscription plans.

Let members subscribe for these plans and later when requirement arises, give them access to restricted resources (Documents, Menus, Modules, Pages, etc.,) on your content portal.Read More...
Whether it be for announcements, sales of online learning courses, course details, teacher's profiles or the latest class events, the proposed integration is to be established between the LMS and the CMS Servers by bridging the databases will enable the LMS content showcasing and display the LMS content inside the CMS by creating a seamless user interface for our Students/Teachers/Administrators.Read More...
Social networking component for the proposed CLASSIFIEDS Portal

Turns the Portal into fully fledged social networking hub

Provides user profile management, Facebook integration, photo and video sharing, privacy control, groups, events etc.

This component creates your own Facebook-like or twitter-like social network, out of your Traders Joint Users and it's all on your terms, directly on your Application Portal, under your complete control.Read More...

Our Clients

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